148 | Discovering Comic Books In The Sixties

There were a lot of technical difficulties on this one, so please excuse the poor sound quality. Al is joined with Pat and discuss the comic books they were exposed to in the early sixties and what brought them into the fold.



Dennis The Menace In Mexico.
By Al Wiseman And Fred Toole.

Archie By Harry Lucey.

Patsy And Hedy.

Millie The Model References Jack Kirby.

Batman TV Show From 1966.

The Rube Goldberg Inspired Mouse Trap Game.

Allan Sherman’s Camp Granada Board Game.

Blue Beetle And The Question By Steve Ditko.

Konga By Steve Ditko.

The Amazing Spider-Man 9 By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

The Amazing Spider-Man 10 By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

Journey Into Mystery 109.

DC Tales of the Unexpected The Magic Hammer
Featuring Thor By Joe Simon And Jack Kirby.

What Comic Started It For Al? Fantastic Four 57,
By Jack Kirby, Stan Lee And Joe Sinnott.

Castle Of Frankenstein.

Archie’s TV Funnies.

Burgos Books.

Wonder Woman By Denny O’Neil And Mike Sekowsky.
Cover By Dick Giordano.

Mars Attacks Cards.

Comic Book Foldees.

Comic Book Foldees.

Zap Comix 0 By Robert Crumb.

Vampirella 2 Cover By Bill Hughes.

Amazing Fantasy 15.

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