228 | Russ Heath, Influence, Progression And Newspaper Strips

We started out talking about Svengoolie, then said goodbye to Russ Heath and the fantastic work he left behind. Artists influenced by other artists, newspaper strips and Laugh-In and the Walmart exclusive 100 Page Super-Spectacular finish it off. Enjoy!


All American Men Of War 94 Cover By Russ Heath.

O.P.! By Harvey Kurtzman And Russ Heath.

G.I. Combat 87 Cover By Russ Heath.

Russ Heath Cover To Sea Devils 2.

Sea Devils 2.

Russ Heath Cover To Sea Devils 3.

Sea Devils 3.

Showcase 27 Cover By Russ Heath.

Sea Devils 1.

Sea Devils 1.

Sea Devils 9.

Showcase 29.

Russ Heath Cover To Strange Adventures 110.

Joanah Hex Wax Figure.

Barry Smith’s Early Work.

Barry Smith Draws Conan 24.

Bill Sienkiewicz.

Neal Adams.

Ralph Steadman.

Stray Toasters.

Rich Buckler From Fantastic Four 149.

Deathlok By Rich Buckler.


Frank Brunner Draws Dr. Strange.

Frank Brunner’s Cover For Alien Worlds 6.

Gil Kane’s Silver Age Green Lantern.

Gil Kane Designed And Drew Captain Marvel In The 70s.

Archie Newspaper Strip By Bob Montana.

Dr. Kildare Newspaper Strip Drawn By Ken Bald.

Dark Shadows Newspaper Strip By Ken Bald.

Howard The Duck Newspaper Strip.

Lucasfilm Movie.

100 Page Super-Spectacular At Walmart.

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