127 | Warren Ellis, Silver Surfer, Pedestrian Artists And Heavy Rendering

The gang is back! Don, Al and Dallas are joined at the roundtable by our good friend and fellow comics enthusiast, JIM JOHNSON!
We talk shop as usual in the confines of Al’s underground fortress, and between passionate debates about Don Heck and Sal Buscema’s artwork, we discuss the merits and downright quirkiness of Public Access television (a lost art), Dallas waxes poetic about his newfound love for Warren Ellis. Jim and Don get in a fistfight over the Silver Surfer’s various incarnations, Al professes his love of “pedestrian” artists, and Jim gushes over the likes of Ernie Chan, Tim Truman, and his preference of heavily rendered artists.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: It’s The Dungeon Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trees By Warren Ellis And Jason Howard.

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20 | Rook’s Favorite Artists

We’ve reached episode 20! The whole crew is present once again and we discuss Rook’s top artists.
Rook’s Favorite Artist Number One, Mark Texeira.