256 | Legion, Book Stores And More

The new Legion Os Super-Heroes title starts this one off, followed by book stores and the culture of reading comics. Translating foreign comics, the massive published work of William Stout, Conan and new Elfquest should have finished it out, but Don HAD to bring up King Kong again.



Legion Of Super-Heroes 1.

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255 | 70’s Kirby, Brandon Graham And Kikaida

Black Panther, The Eternals and 2001: A Space Odyssey were titles Jack Kirby created when he returned to Marvel. We talk about those as well as Brandon Graham’s Multiple Warheads 2 and Ishinomori Shotaro’s Kikaida.

Musical Spotlight: Anna O


Black Panther By Jack Kirby.

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239 | Reworking Media

It starts out with Classics Illustrated and how the stories were reworked years later. Turns out that went for song lyrics as well. Who knew?



Classics Illustrated: Robin Hood By Jack Sparling.

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131 | Twilight Man, Jeff Smith, Archie, Roy Thomas, Sex Criminals And Walking Dead

Our host Dallas is joined by Rook, Don and Al to discuss anything and everything related to comics. Rook pulls out a gem from his childhood called Twilight Man, Don mentions TUKI which begins a nostalgic discussion about Jeff Smith and BoneAl talks Archie (Archie Vs. Predator, All New Archie) and the wonderful artist of Afterlife With Archie, Francesco Francavilla.

Dallas reminisces about his favorite Alex Ross print of the Uncanny X-Men, and Roy Thomas is name-dropped. Dallas reviews the wonderful Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. And, of course, there is talk of The Walking Dead and the new AMC show, Fear The Walking Dead.



Twilight Man By Steven Grant, Tristan Schane,
Eric Vincent And Bruce Timm.

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127 | Warren Ellis, Silver Surfer, Pedestrian Artists And Heavy Rendering

The gang is back! Don, Al and Dallas are joined at the roundtable by our good friend and fellow comics enthusiast, JIM JOHNSON!
We talk shop as usual in the confines of Al’s underground fortress, and between passionate debates about Don Heck and Sal Buscema’s artwork, we discuss the merits and downright quirkiness of Public Access television (a lost art), Dallas waxes poetic about his newfound love for Warren Ellis. Jim and Don get in a fistfight over the Silver Surfer’s various incarnations, Al professes his love of “pedestrian” artists, and Jim gushes over the likes of Ernie Chan, Tim Truman, and his preference of heavily rendered artists.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: It’s The Dungeon Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trees By Warren Ellis And Jason Howard.

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125 | Jack Kirby 3D Glasses, Raising The Bar, Sword And Sorcery, Cover Layout And Inkers

Al starts off with a joke about Johnny Carson, and Don ties it in to Jack Kirby. Somehow it moves on to barbarian comics (again), charismatic people who front bands, comic book inkers (again), art reference and other ramblings.



Battle For A Three Dimensional World By Jack Kirby And Ray Zone.

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