19 | Singles Or Trades?

The whole crew returns in our new base of operations!
We’ve got a loaded episode as Rook, Don, Al and Dallas talk about
The Yancy Street Comic Convention (again), And We Take Sides On The Eternal Question: SINGLES Or TRADES?? Don Talks About His Surreal Comic Shop Experience At Collector’s Den In Wichita Falls, Texas, Dallas Pimps Out His New Webcomic, THE MIGHTY BLUE And Brings Up A Blog And Livejournal Page That No One Reads.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Primitive Astronauts


What We Got For Christmas (If You Like Rook’s Gift, You Can
Purchase It HERE, And Dallas’ Gift Can Be Purchased HERE.

Dallas Gives His Thoughts On CHEW, The Problem With Comic Book Movies
(Warning: Rook Bags On Ryan Reynolds And Al Bags On Batman),
And Here Is The Losers Which Rook Liked And Al Wasn’t Aware Of.
Al discusses Lobster Johnson.
Al Finally Watched Season One Of The Walking Dead.

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