198 | The Goon, Mignolaverse And Pulp Movies

While in Virginia, Don meets up with Scott Conner, who is one of our first listeners. As the conversation flowed, they decided to record a show, and here it is.



The Goon By Eric Powell.

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19 | Singles Or Trades?

The whole crew returns in our new base of operations!
We’ve got a loaded episode as Rook, Don, Al and Dallas talk about
The Yancy Street Comic Convention (again), And We Take Sides On The Eternal Question: SINGLES Or TRADES?? Don Talks About His Surreal Comic Shop Experience At Collector’s Den In Wichita Falls, Texas, Dallas Pimps Out His New Webcomic, THE MIGHTY BLUE And Brings Up A Blog And Livejournal Page That No One Reads.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Primitive Astronauts


What We Got For Christmas (If You Like Rook’s Gift, You Can
Purchase It HERE, And Dallas’ Gift Can Be Purchased HERE.