282 | Man-Thing & Weird Writers

Al has continued his reading of The Man-Thing Essentials while more talk of muck monsters and the people who drew them are discussed. The writers Steve Gerber and Doug Moench, the many storylines Ghost Rider has appeared in and the fluctuating price of past comic books almost finish it out. But Al asks Rook to explain gaming, which he does.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Craig Anthony Fountain


Man-Thing Drawn By Arthur Adams And Frank D’Armata.

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242 | Carl Barks, Storytelling And Chew

The conversation begins with algorithms and the counterculture of the sixties. The writer-artist Carl Barks and sequential work covers most of the episode, then to Rook’s chagrin Chew comes up once again.



Uncle Scrooge Adventures 24.

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19 | Singles Or Trades?

The whole crew returns in our new base of operations!
We’ve got a loaded episode as Rook, Don, Al and Dallas talk about
The Yancy Street Comic Convention (again), And We Take Sides On The Eternal Question: SINGLES Or TRADES?? Don Talks About His Surreal Comic Shop Experience At Collector’s Den In Wichita Falls, Texas, Dallas Pimps Out His New Webcomic, THE MIGHTY BLUE And Brings Up A Blog And Livejournal Page That No One Reads.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Primitive Astronauts


What We Got For Christmas (If You Like Rook’s Gift, You Can
Purchase It HERE, And Dallas’ Gift Can Be Purchased HERE.