27 | Paul Grist And Movie Adaptations In Comics

Are comics too expensive? Al and Don discuss price, availability and format of the American comic book.



Jack Staff By Paul Grist.

Kane By Paul Grist.

Mudman By Paul Grist.

Before Video Tapes And DVD’s, We Got Our Adaptations Through Comic Books.

Yellow Submarine Comic From Gold Key.

Fantastic Voyage Comic From Gold Key.

Star Trek Comic From Gold Key.

Comics For Kids.

Action Philosophers By Fred Van Lente And Ryan Dunlavey.

iTunes Restrictions That Were Discussed.

Megatokyo By Fred Galagher And Rodney Caston.

¡Yotsuba! By Kiyohiko Azuma.

Al Found It, But Don Won’t Stop Talking About It,
Unstable Molecules By James Sturm And Guy Davis.

The Zombies That Ate The World By Jenny Frison And Guy Davis.

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