26 | Influences From One Artist To Another

Al and Don discuss influences from one artist to another starting with Frank Frazetta and Wally Wood, then quickly trail off as they always do.


American Fantasy And Science Fiction Artist Frank Frazetta.

More Frazetta Paintings Here.
Famous Funnies Cover, Where Frank Frazetta
Pays Homage To Wally Wood.
The Extremely Versatile Wally Wood.
One Of The Earliest Independent Comics, Heroes, Inc.
One Of Wood’s Cute Lovable Creatures.
Fireball XL5 Lunch Box Design.
Dave Stevens’ Cover For A Collection Of Wally Wood Stories
Michael Kaluta.
The Master Of Macabre, Bernie Wrightson.
Alphonse Mucha Whose Style Of Painting Influenced An Entire
Generation Of Painters, Graphic Artists, Draughtsmen And Designers.
1977 Saw The Animated Film Wizards.
The Man. According To Don, Every Person In The
World Should Have A Copy Of This Comic Book.
From Oklahoma, Now In Alaska, Kevin Burchfield.
Andi Watson And Simon Gane’s Paris.

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