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Unprepared once again, Al and Don take the helm as they discuss comics they’ve read, then quickly digress into B-movies and the Tampa Bay music scene during the late 80’s to eatly 90’s.



Love Fights By Andi Watson.

Love Fights.

Love Fights.

Evolution Of Music Stores And How People Purchase Music,
Comic Books On iTunes, And What Happens To Your
Digital Purchases When You’re Gone?

Jack Kirby Pencils, And Some Information On The Infamous Vince Colletta.

Jack Kirby Inked By Joe Sinnott.

Jack Kirby Inked By Mike Royer.

Jack Kirby Inked By D. Bruce Berry.

The Tampa Bay Area Band We Discussed Were,
Deloris TelescopeThe Headlights And Mad For Electra.

Bob Oskner, Who Is Quickly Topping The List Of Al’s Favorite Artists,
And A Great Place To Find Comic Books Is MyComicShop.com.

Not Buying The Artist Edition, Al Picked Up Some Joe Kubert Tarzan Comics.

Science Fiction Horror Movie Posters In Full Color,
Which Features A Lot Of Work By Reynold Brown.

Shipwrecked! By Dan Spiegle.

Crossfire By Mark Evanier And Dan Spiegle.

Batman Black And White. According To Al, “It Smokes!”

And of course, it ends with Eerie Archives 11.

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