40 | Comic Book History

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Dallas returns and introduces the show while gushing over Dave Sim and Gerhard’s CEREBUS THE AARDVARK. He also touches on a graphic novel by Guy DeLisle entitle PYONGYANG. Oh, and he finally completes his Promethea collection!!! After a musical break by The Ditchflowers, Don and Al take over the show and promptly drive it into the ground. Just kidding. They discuss the Comic Book History of Comics, and ask the question: Is Digital the Future? Also, which is better: buying comics online or local? Enjoy!!



Cerebus The Barbarian Messiah
And You Can Read More About Cerebus Here.

Pyongyang By Guy Delisle.

The Comic Book History Of Comics
By Fred Van Lente  And Ryan Dunlavey.

Death Of Superman.

Batman: Death In The Family And The Infamous 800 Number.

Joe Simon And Jack Kirby.

And Al Asked, What Was Grit?

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