41 | Making Connections

Dallas starts it off with a couple of books he has read, Don attempts to explain how Marvel Man began when American comic books disappeared in Europe, but started talking about French comics and forgot his point. But you can make the connection
if you read The Comic Book History Of Comics.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Ricky Wilcox & The Moon Snakes


Love And Rockets Heartbreak Soup By Gilbert Hernandez.

Preacher By Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

The Air Pirates By Dan O’Neill, Shary Flenniken,
Bobby LondonGary Hallgren, and Ted Richards.

Here Are Some Pages From Air Pirates Funnies.

Bobby London Went On To Do Dirty Duck And Popeye.

And Here Is The Information About The Copyright Term Extension Act
That Affects Both Mickey Mouse And Popeye.

Kay Kamen And His Disney Marketing Was Discussed As Well.

Zombies The Chilling Archives Of Horror Comics.

Here Is The Link To Golden Age Comic Book Stories
Al Said Would Be Posted

The History Of Zombies And The Breakdown Of Society In
The Walking Dead And Give Me Liberty Were Also Discussed

Doomed By Ashley Wood.

The Complete Steve Canyon Adventures.

Frank Frazetta The Living Legend.

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