42 | Brief History Of Marvel Comics Editor In Chief Positions

Al and Don start it off discussing other podcasts, then move on to a brief history of Marvel Comics Editor In Chief Positions, the business sense of Will Eisner, and the CrossGen Comics Environment.
They spoke at length about the SUNSHINE DRENCHY RECORDS SAMPLER 2012 on Noisetrade, then trailed off to a Rolling Stones album that no one seems to like. Eventually they get back to comics.



Slow Robot A Go GoBunch Of Dorks
Al Can Be Found On These Podcasts As Well Two Dimension.

Will Eisner A Spirited Life By Bob Andelman
Who Also Does A Really Good Podcast As Mr. Media.

Although Al Has Drawn Other Comic Books,
Border Guard Is The Only Title He Will Tell Us About.

Don’s Attempt At Doing A Comic Book.

And Dallas Continues To Do The Mighty Blue.

Captain Canuck By Richard Comely.

Captain Canuck By George Freeman.

The Rolling Stones Between The Buttons.

The Beatles By Marvel Comics.

Kiss As Done By Marvel Comics
And Here Is The Story Of The KISS Blood.

Rock And Roll Comics.

Shazam! Reprints From DC. And Don Talked About

Freaky Monsters.

Swing With Scooter.

Android Kikaida By Shotaro Ishinomori.

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