43 | Random Works

Dallas and Rook are still M.I.A. as Al and Don take the helm once again to discuss Superman’s trunks, Howard Chaykin’s evolving style and Bernie Wrightson drawing Frankenstein again. Works by Jeff Jones and Vaughn Bode were talked about as well as the Dark Shadows newspaper strip and the 47 Ronin series.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Deloris Telescope


SOLO By Howard Chaykin.

Iron Wolf, Early Work By Howard Chaykin.

Nick Fury By Howard Chaykin.

Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg!

Frankenstein Alive Alive By Bernie Wrightson And Steve Niles.

Jeff Jones’ IDYL.

The Animated Series Space Angel And
Working From Photo Reference Were Brought Up

Vaughn Bode’s Cartoon Concert.

Dark Shadows Newspaper Strip By Ken Bald.

47 Ronin By Mike Richardson And Stan Sakai.

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