84 | Research Before Drawing, Comics Old And New

Drawing with references were discussed, as well as The Silver Surfer, Jack Kirby’s amazing run on Fantastic Four, kung fu comics from the seventies, and Don thought Shannon was from Miami, only to learn she was really from New York.

Comic books that started in 1984, Jan Strnad, Richard Corben, western art, Beanworld and Adventure Time finished out the episode.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: ShannonAlex Chilton (again)


If Doctor Morbious Enterprises Were Real,
He Would Have An Ad Like This.

Jimi Hendrix By Moebius.

Silver Surfer By Dan Slott And Mike Allred.

Alan Davis Never Said “I Can’t Draw That.”

Sergio Aragones’ Research Before Drawing.

Steve Rude Ship Research At The Library.

Jack Kirby And Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four Run
Is Packed Full Of Fun Stuff To Read.

The Silver Surfer By John Buscema And Stan Lee.

The Hands Of Shang-Chi: Master Of Kung Fu.

The Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Comic Of 2014
By Mike Benson And Tan Eng Huat.

Deadly Hands Of Kung-Fu Magazine From The Seventies.

The Marvel Super Heroes Were Animated In The Mid Sixties.

The Marvel Super Heroes Captain America.

Courageous Cat And Minute Mouse.


The Mighty Heroes.

Cool McCool.

Comics That Began In 1984, Dalgoda By Jan Strnad And Dennis Fujitake.

Time Spirits By Steve Perry And Thomas Yeates,
Another Comic Book That Came Out In 1984.

Starstruck By Elaine Lee And Wm. Michael Kaluta.
The Graphic Novel Was Serialized In 1982, But
The Ongoing Comic Book Started In 1984.

1984 Saw The Birth Of Mister X From Vortex.

Alan Moore Began Writing Swamp Thing With
Steve Bisset And John Totleben during 1984.

Tales Of The Arabian Nights By Jan Strnad And Richard Corben.

DEN By Richard Corben.
And From 1969, Neverwhere By Richard Corben.

From Creepy Magazine, The Mummy’s Victory
By Roger McKenzie And Richard Corben.

Frederic Remington.

Charles Marion Russell.

Larry Marder’s Beanworld Holiday Special.

Larry Marder’s Beanworld Holiday Special.

Marceline And The Scream Queens Cover By JAB.

Marceline And The Scream Queens By Meredith Gran.

Marceline And The Scream Queens By Meredith Gran.

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