84 | Research Before Drawing, Comics Old And New

Drawing with references were discussed, as well as The Silver Surfer, Jack Kirby’s amazing run on Fantastic Four, kung fu comics from the seventies, and Don thought Shannon was from Miami, only to learn she was really from New York.

Comic books that started in 1984, Jan Strnad, Richard Corben, western art, Beanworld and Adventure Time finished out the episode.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: ShannonAlex Chilton (again)


If Doctor Morbious Enterprises Were Real,
He Would Have An Ad Like This.

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74 | The Beatles Story, The Fifth Beatle, Baby’s In Black And Will Eisner’s The Dreamer

A Beatles centric episode as Al and Don discuss The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story and Baby’s In Black: Astrid Kirchherr, Stuart Sutcliffe, and The Beatles which lead to a long discussion on The Beatles and the songs they made. They finish up with The Dreamer by Will Eisner.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Alex Chilton (of course)


The Beatles Story From Marvel Comics.

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68 | Golden Age Artists Who Left Us Too Soon And Underground Comix Of North America

Don and Dr. Morbius from parts unknown (Al) host the official “inker” episode! They begin by talking about how B-Movies were made, and drool over the all-encompassing glory of Krispy Kreme donuts and the subtle, understated appeal of Krystal burgers.

Talking About The Slow Robot A Go Go Podcast Started Everything Off
Then Went Into A Discussion Of Intentions And Bad Work

Golden Age artists like John Buscema, Gil Kane, Alex Toth, Mike Sikorsky and Joe Maneely were discussed,  and how some of them continued their careers into the 80’s and others’ careers were cut tragically short.

And then it’s inker time! The boys discuss the merits of full and partial pencil layouts and the integral job of the inker, and how many artists inked their own work. Don sneaks in Sergio Aragones’ Groo and Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo, two of his favorite books. They even mention Mick Gray and Terry Austin, two of Dallas’ favorite inkers, and then Al proposes a challenge to Don to ink his art!!!! Don recites the story of how Howard Chaykin helped J.H. Williams III get into the comics industry, and gushes over Chaykin’s Buck Rogers run.

Al gives Don his collection of Omaha the Cat Dancer and epic tales of underground comics ensues with discussions about The First Kingdom by Jack Katz, among others.  Al gives his thoughts on the progression of underground/counter-culture comics (like the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers) into indie comics (such as Star Reach), and Don explains why Fat Freddy’s Cat is better than Garfield.

Al reviews  Afterlife with Archie (Starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch!) and Guardians of the Galaxy #8.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Geneva Wollett • Alex Chilton


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