93 | Artist’s Page Rates, Comic Book Body Building Ads And The Black Panther

Deep in the heart of Parts Unknown, Don, Al and Dallas discuss Slice Radio, Afterlife with Archie, some comic shop documentaries, the Origin of Rook Murphy, Warren comics, art commissions, Bernie Wrightson, Art Adams, John Buscema, Howard Chaykin’s Iron Wolf, Mike Mignola, Flex Mentallo, Charles Atlas, Count Dante, Jack and Stan’s Fantastic Four, civil rights in 60’s comics, the portrayal of minorities in 40’s and 50’s comics, and we wrap it up with Uncanny X-Men circa 1980’s.



The Rook From Warren Publishing.

Creepy From Dark Horse.

Creepy Magazine Work By Bernie Wrightson.

Michael Golden.

Art Adams.

Iron Wolf Ad By Howard Chaykin.

Iron Wolf By Howard Chaykin.

Tarzan Presents Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Weird Worlds, Which
Not Only Included Iron Wolf, But Burroughs’ Characters As Well.

Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser By Howard Chaykin And Mike Mignola.

Sword And Sorcery By Howard Chaykin.

Iron Wolf By Howard ChaykinMike Mignola And P. Craig Russell.

Francesco Francavilla Commissions.

Afterlife With Archie By Francesco Francavilla.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.

Kevin Keller By Dan Parent.

Flex Mentallo By Grant Morrison And Frank Quitely.
And Some Information On The Copyright Litigation.

Calvin And Hobbes Discuss The Female Superhero Costume.

Metallian Man From Flex Mentallo By Grant Morrison And Frank Quitely..

Limbo From Flex Mentallo By Grant Morrison And Frank Quitely..

Flex Mentallo 3 By Grant Morrison And Frank Quitely..

Comic Book Body Building Ads.

Count Dante Comic Book Ad.

Martial Arts Comic Book Offer That Included A Record In The Deal.

Comic Book Martial Arts Ad With Life Like Practice Dummy.

And Yet Another Comic Book Martial Arts Ad.

Cheesball Ads / Wonderment And Disappointment.

Sea Monkeys Comic Book Ad By Joe Orlando.

Roman Soldiers Ad By Russ Heath.

Spy Pen Offer.

Fantastic Four Masterworks 6, By Jack Kirby, Stan Lee And Joe Sinnott.

Wyatt Wingfoot And The Fantastic Four Are Guests Of Prince T’Challa In Wakonda.

Fantastic Four 52 Introduces The Black Panther.

The Fantastic Four Taken Out By The Black Panther.

Prince T’Challa From 1966. Noble And In Charge.

Ebony White From The Spirit By Will Eisner.

Chop Chop From The Early Days Of Blackhawk.

Pie Face From Green Lantern.

Ebony Was Replaced By Blubber For A Short Period.

X-Men Artwork By Marc Silvestri.

X-Men Artwork By Paul Smith.

X-Men By John Romita Jr.

X-Men By Rick Leonardi.

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