112 | Fantastic Four, Red Circle Horror, Frank Doyle And Forgotten Sixties Cartoons

Don finally finishes Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s epic Fantastic Four run. Al talks about Archie Comics and the endless supply of six page stories from Frank Doyle, forgotten animated cartoons of the sixties, Red Circle horror, and more.



Fantastic Four By Jack Kirby, Stan Lee And Joe Sinnott.

Fantastic Four 85 By Jack KirbyStan Lee And Joe Sinnott.

The King Has Left The Building. Fantastic Four 103 Drawn
By John Romita And Inked By John Verpoorten.

Fantastic Four 99.

Fantastic Four 99.

Fantastic Four 100 By Jack KirbyStan Lee And Joe Sinnott.

Issue 100. It Was The Greatest Creative Team As Well,
But Only Two More To Go And The King Will Depart.

Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure Was An Unfinished
Story By Jack Kirby That Was Reworked For Issue 108.
Now You Can Read The Story As It Was Originally Intended.

Trina Robbins Notes On Styles That Are Currently Favored.
From How-To-Draw Tips From The Top Cartoonists.

Strange House Don Read About In The Early Seventies,
And Had To Wait Forty Years To Learn The Outcome.

Crystal Of The Inhumans.

Depatie-Freleng’s Long Forgotten Super 6.

The Marvel Super Heroes Animated Cartoon From 1966.

King Arthur Series That Never Saw The Light Of Day.
Drawn By Nestor Redondo.

Jack Kirby’s Spirit World.

Jack Kirby’s In The Days Of The Mob.

Jack Kirby’s
Soul Love.

The Losers Written And Drawn By Jack Kirby.

Credits Are Given Inside The Issue To Stan G With Inks By Mike Esposito.

Bob Bolling Inked By Chic Stone.

Mr. Inferno From Betty And Veronica
By Frank Doyle And Dan DeCarlo.

Name That Tune From Betty And Veronica By Frank Doyle,
Dan DeCarlo And Jimmy DeCarlo.

Archie’s Selective Service Story.

Red Circle Sorcery Cover By Gray Morrow.

Alex Toth Story From Red Circle Sorcery.

Rin Tin Tin And Rusty Drawn By Alex Toth.

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