282 | Man-Thing & Weird Writers

Al has continued his reading of The Man-Thing Essentials while more talk of muck monsters and the people who drew them are discussed. The writers Steve Gerber and Doug Moench, the many storylines Ghost Rider has appeared in and the fluctuating price of past comic books almost finish it out. But Al asks Rook to explain gaming, which he does.

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Man-Thing Drawn By Arthur Adams And Frank D’Armata.

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249 | Comic Books And Paperbacks

We start off talking about movies Al has finally seen, and double features from the past. Steve Rude, Space Ghost, Jeff Jones, Charles Vess, Michael Kaluta, assorted Artist’s Editions and the first comics bought as a kid are discussed. Chris Ware, paperback book covers of the 70s and architecture in comics come up, along with Hanna-Barbera comics, Owen Fitzgerald, Ernie Colón, Mike Ploog and P. Craig Russell.

LISTENER WARNING! Episode Is SO Packed It Will Download With A THUD.


Space Ghost By Mark Evanier And Steve Rude.

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224 | Goran Parlov, Netflix Heroes And Foreign Religion

Don only read Punisher: The Platoon because of Goran Parlov, but ended up loving it anyway. Rook brought up Marvel superheroes on Netflix and the various streaming services are discussed as well. Foreign religion in Japan during the shogunate era and Eternity Girl finish everything out.



Punisher: The Platoon By Garth Ennis And Goran Parlov.

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180 | Reading List, Pullapalooza And Injection

The core four are back and keep asking why. Why hasn’t Rook made his reading list available? Why hasn’t he ever mentioned No Hero? Why haven’t we heard of Batman / Doc Savage? And why haven’t we EVER talked about Len Wein? Why?



Locke & Key By Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodrigues.

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135 | 20th Century American Horror Comics

Welcome to the Halloween Episode! Join Dallas, Al and Don as they explore the classic horror comics of the past. The boys discuss the roots of 20th Century American horror comics, sensationalized in the EC line – most notable Tales from the Crypt. Dallas and Al go into detail on Warren Publishing and their “Creepy” and Eerie” line. The famous horror artists are discussed, such as Graham Ingels, Reed Crandall, Gray Morrow, Bernie Wrightson, Frank Frazetta, and more.

DCs pre-Vertigo horror line is brought up, including The House of Secrets and it’s hosts, Cain and Abel. Al reminisces about Vampirella, and Dallas gushes over From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. Other points of interest include Skywald Publications and Dead of Night featuring the Scarecrow.

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From Hell By Alan Moore And Eddie Campbell.

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133 | Tarzan Artists And Comic Books From The Early Seventies

Al dedicates the episode to Vic Diaz, then joins Don in an episode long Pullapallooza. Joe Kubert’s Tarzan is discussed, along with his drawing and layout style. Al schools Don on Jay Scott Pike, and starts a discussion about Gray Morrow.

The Man-Thing, King Size Marvel books by Jim Starlin and Action Comics 413 carry on the middle part of the episode, then finish out with Tom Sutton, Dick Giordano, Burne Hogarth, Russ Manning and Barry Smith.

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Tarzan 223 By Joe Kubert.

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112 | Fantastic Four, Red Circle Horror, Frank Doyle And Forgotten Sixties Cartoons

Don finally finishes Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s epic Fantastic Four run. Al talks about Archie Comics and the endless supply of six page stories from Frank Doyle, forgotten animated cartoons of the sixties, Red Circle horror, and more.



Fantastic Four By Jack Kirby, Stan Lee And Joe Sinnott.

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80 | Filipino Artists, DC Implosion And Random Comics

Al asks Don if there are any comics about beer and the conversation briefly goes onto The CPL, Filipino comic book artists Alex Nino and Alfredo Alcala. Wondering why Nestor Redondo’s King Arthur comic never came out, brought up the DC Implosion, Denny O’neil’s socially conscious work, Neal Adams’ angst driven work, and the unsung hero we know as Gray Morrow.

Then we went on to Mister X after Los Bros. Hernandez, Afterlife With Archie, She-Hulk and Spidey Super Stories.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: hitomiHoodoo Gurus


Duffy’s Tavern From Rog 2000 By Nicola Cuti And John Byrne.

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17 | Yancy Street Convention

Join Dallas, Don, Rook, and Al as we talk comics
EC Cover By Jack Davis.