111 | Golden Age Seen By Later Generations, Creator Credits. A Few New Comics And Bill Everett.

We start off discussing the golden age we never saw, but thanks to The Digital Comics Museum it’s possible now. Creator credits issued in comic books, Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers. Thunderworld AdventuresIndestructible HulkXenozoic TalesThe Fade OutG.I. ZombieAfterlife With Archie Magazine 3, Eerie 6, She Hulk and Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives.



We Used To Ask, What’s EC?
Destination Nightmare Is A Good Place To Visit If You Want To See Golden Age Work.

Harvey Comics Never Issued Credits To Their Creators.

Archie Comics Began Issuing Credits In The Late
Seventies, Which Is How We Knew Dan DeCarlo.

Harry Lucey’s Work Ended Before Credit Was Given.

People Knew Bob Montana Because He Signed His Work.
Some Artists Signed Their Work Before Giving
Credit Became Common Practice, Such As…

Irwin Hasen.

Alex Toth.

Jack Kirby And Stan Lee Sign Fantastic Four 1.

Vaughn Bodē.

Tales From Topographic Oceans.
Four Album Sides That Al Does Not Tolerate.

Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers.
And Here Is The Original.

Thunderworld Adventures By Grant Morrison And Cameron Stewart.

Thunderworld Adventures By Grant Morrison And Cameron Stewart.

Thunderworld Adventures By Grant Morrison And Cameron Stewart.

Indestructible Hulk By Mark Waid And Walt Simonson.

The Rampaging Hulk By Doug MoenchWalt Simonson
And Inked By Alfredo Alcala.

Xenozoic Tales By Mark Schultz, Who
Was Interviewed On Mister Media.

The Fade Out.

G.I. Zombie.

Afterlife With Archie Magazine 3.

Eerie 6.

She Hulk.

Amazing Mysteries: The Bill Everett Archives Vol. 1.

The Spirit By Will Eisner.
Gary Groth And Kim Thompson Interview On Mister Media.

Later Work By Will Eisner.

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