115 | Favorite Pages

Join Don, Al, Dallas, Rook, Hashbrowns and Des as they discuss their favorite comic book pages..



Al | Cover To The Adventures Of Bob Hope By Bob Oksner.
Written By Arnold Drake, Who Is One Of Al’s Favorite Writers.

Dallas | Glamour Puss 23 By Dave Sim.

Don | Last Page Of Issue 3 Of 2001: A Space Odyssey
By Jack Kirby And Mike Royer.

Rook | The Open Hand – The Closed Fist • X-Force 19
By Fabian Nicieza, Greg Capullo And Harry Candelario.

Al | The Black Canary By Alex Toth From Adventure Comics 419.

Dallas | Marvel Knights Daredevil 10 By David Mack.

Don | Elektra Assassin 1 By Frank Miller And Bill Sienkiewicz.

Rook | X-Men 1 By Chris Claremont, Jim Lee And Scott Williams.

Al | The 87th Precinct By Bernie Krigstein From Dell Comics.

Dallas Liberty Meadows 10 By Frank Cho.

Don | Ending To Human Diastrophism Part Six By Gilbert Hernandez.

Rook | The Killing Joke By Alan Moore And Brian Bolland.

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