118 | Form, Initiative, Distribution, Kung Fu, Barry Smith And Harvey Kurtzman

After a month long hiatus, and minus the younger half, Al and Don get together and show how off topic they can get, and yet still talk about comic books. Enjoy!



Greetings From Hiatusville

Jack Staff. Found In A Dollar Box. Don Has Continued To
Read This And Other Work By Paul Grist Ever Since.

More Jack Staff By Paul Grist.

Another Dollar Box Find That Introduced Don
To The Amazing Work Of Andi Watson.

Shonen Jump. Comics Published In A Phone Book Sized Anthology.
Readers Can Read The Episodes Each Week, And Purchase A
Collected Book When The Storyline Is Completed.

Black Moses By Isaac Hayes.

Black Belt Magazine.

Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu.

Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu.


Santos Foto-Comics. Al Wishes He Had Bought Some Of These.


The Freebooters By Barry Smith.

The Freebooters By Barry Smith.

The Freebooters By Barry Smith.

The Freebooters Were Originally Published In Barry Windsor-Smith Storyteller.

Epic Illustrated Cover By Barry Smith.

The Creeps 1.

Interior Page In The Creeps.

Rich Buckler Drawn Story For The Creeps.

The Corpse Of The Imjin.

Air Burst! By Harvey Kurtzman.

Marines Retreat! By Harvey Kurtzman And John Severin.

Thunder Jet! By Harvey Kurtzman And Alex Toth.

Bonhomme Richard! By Harvey Kurtzman And Joe Kubert.

Wake! By Harvey Kurtzman And Gene Colan.

Bunker! By Harvey Kurtzman And Ric Estrada.

Memphis! By Harvey Kurtzman And Reed Crandall.

Lost Battalion! By Harvey Kurtzman And Johnny Craig.

O.P.! By Harvey Kurtzman And Russ Heath.

Fire Mission! By Harvey Kurtzman And Dave Berg.

Two-Fisted Tales Cover By Harvey Kurtzman.

Frontline Combat Cover By Harvey Kurtzman.

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