223 | Binge Reading And Filling In Blanks

Catching up on reading The Walking Dead, and learning there was one more issue of Miracle Man written by Alan Moore we were not aware of. Binge reading comic series and filling in the blanks to a story because of issues you missed was discussed. Somehow the Muppets roll into the conversation and we finish out with Kong Crew.



The Walking Dead By Robert Kirkman And Charlie Adlard.

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220 | Free Comic Book Day And Instagram

It’s Free Comic Book Day and we finally get together to do another episode. A couple of free comics and some new books we were not aware of were discussed, then go into the major comic companies swiping each other. And Jack Kirby. We talk about him as well.


DOWNLOADFree Comic Book Day 2018.

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118 | Form, Initiative, Distribution, Kung Fu, Barry Smith And Harvey Kurtzman

After a month long hiatus, and minus the younger half, Al and Don get together and show how off topic they can get, and yet still talk about comic books. Enjoy!


DOWNLOADGreetings From Hiatusville

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95 | Inspiration, Plagiarism And Filling In The Gaps

Conversation starts out with bean counters and idea looters, then quickly cascades into movies and television shows that you only heard about as a kid. The documentary SUPERHEROES A Never Ending Battle, Inkers for John Buscema and Gil Kane are discussed (again), and the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism.


TV And Movie Comics.

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62 | Differences Between Kung Fu Heroes And Superheroes Of The West

Join Don and Al as they explore the differences between kung fu heroes and western Superheroes. This leads to a discussion of the long-form, episodic storytelling of western mainstream comics vs. the three-act oriented stories of eastern comics. And then onto familiar ground: sequels. Somehow, Don manages to sneak in some talk of one of his favorite comics, Jack Staff. We also learn why Al is currently preferring trades and graphic novels to single issue comic books.
Up next… how science fiction has fueled the comic and movie industries for decades, and why comics are currently benefiting from taking more chances. Al brings up a great comparison with the daredevil, chance-taking music industry of the 1950’s and 1960’s.
And the boys wrap it up by discussing… surprise, surprise… THE WALKING DEAD.



The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin.

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57 | Marble Season, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen And Black And White Comics

Al and Don start off discussing Marble Season by Gilbert Hernandez which leads into black and white comics and a brief bit about coloring comics. They finish with some League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and and some more black and white goodness.



Marble Season By Gilbert Hernandez.

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37 | Comic Book Letterers And The Art Of Typography

Once again, the whole gang is present, and thanks to Al we discuss letterers and the art of typography. What’s better.. digital fonts or traditional lettering?
We reminisce about some of the old school lettering masters such as John Workman, Moebius, and Tom Orzechowski. Don finds a way to slide in a Carl Barks comment,
and Dallas gushes about Dave Sim’s typographical masterpiece, Cerebus.
We then discuss “event fatigue” in the DC and Marvel universe, and Rook tastefully bags on DC’s New 52 concept. We talk about how boring the superhero “status quo” can be,
and how refreshing books like Spider-Man’s Brand New Day and Morrison’s New X-Men can be. There’s some creator-owned rights talk, and Don brings up symphonic music
to hammer home his point on artistic “innovators” and “cultivators”.
Oh, and Rook sticks up for Aquaman.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: The Brilliant Green


Not Only Could No One Draw Or Design Like Alex Toth,
No One Could Letter Like He Could As Well.
Yet, We Missed Talking About It On This Episode.

Comic Book LettererDesign • Computer Lettering

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