122 | Movie Radio Spots, Creative Teams After The Originals And Old Video Games

We start off talking about the podcast gauntlet that Al goes through every Saturday. Radio spots and TV ads for movies that Don couldn’t see, icons, branding and other things that never go away, comics done after the creators have left and arcade video games.



Movies Advertised In Radio Spots.

Last House On The Left.

Scream And Scream Again.

Night Of The living Dead.

Sambo’s Restaurants.

Soloman Grundy.

Zombie By Bill Everett And Stan Lee.

Tales Of The Zombie, The Same Character As Above, But With A Boris Vallejo Cover.
We Didn’t Talk About It, But Comics Have Always Loved Zombies.
Al Does Not, But Comics Does.

The Spectre Was Created By Jerry Siegel And Bernard Baily,
But It Was The Stories By Michael Fleisher And Jim Aparo That Everyone Remembers.

Alan Davis On The Savage Hulk.

One Of The Things That Never Go Away. Doctor Doom’s Origin
Told In Five Panels. It’s Embedded In Our Brains.
Or At Least In Don’s.



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