178 | Dalgoda

This episode we talk about Dalgoda by Jan Strnad and Dennis Fujitake. There were a few other things discussed, but mostly Dalgoda.



Dalgoda By Jan Strnad And Dennis Fujitake.

Westworld On HBO.


The Original Westworld From The Seventies.

Ad For Dalgoda.

Hawkeye By Matt Fraction and David Aja.

Alex + Ada: The Complete Collection.

The Manhattan Projects By Jonathan Hickman And Nick Pitarra.

Dalgoda’s Ship Being Craned From The Pacific.

Introduction Of Posey Ravencraft.

Dalgoda Attempts To Smile For Television.

The Future Seemed Bleak In The Early Eighties. Even In Hawaii.

Don Said Mad Dog Graphics, But It Was Upshot Graphics.

Akira By Katsuhiro Otomo.

Secret Service Trying To Not Make A Scene.

Dennis Fujitake’s Moebius Influence.

Dennis Fujitake’s Moebius Influence.

Kikaida, Popular In Japan And Hawaii.

Kikaida By Shotaro Ishinomori.

Typical Eighties Style Color.

Origins Of Marvel Comics. Original Comic Coloring, But On Slick Paper.

Dalgoda T-Shirt Ad.

Dalgoda Finally Gets The Requested Ships.

Bugs After Dalgoda’s Home World.

He Wasn’t Supposed To Be The Emissary To Earth.

Pining For His Rival’s Girlfriend Got Him Into This Ordeal.

Victor Needham.

Dalgoda Lost On Polynesian Island By Jan Strnad And Dennis Fujitake.

Dalgoda Lost On Polynesian Island By Jan Strnad And Dennis Fujitake.


A More Authoritative Dalgoda Emerges.

Dalgoda Orders Transfers For All Crew Members.

Who You Can Trust.



Stark, The Pilot Who Shows Up Later.

Botanical Garden.

In The Beginning, Everything Attacked Dalgoda.

In The Beginning, Everything Attacked Dalgoda.

Poster Displayed In Comic Book Stores In The Eighties.

The Killing Joke Original Colors.

The Killing Joke Updated Colors.

Thor: Tales of Asgard Recolored By Matt Milla

Thor: Tales of Asgard Original Color From The Sixties

Tales Of Asgard.

Tales Of Asgard With Updated Colors.

Superman vs. Mahammad Ali.

Superman vs. Mahammad Ali With Updated Colors.

The Dalgoda Issue Still In The Store.

Children Of The Night Tide.

Retief By Dennis Fujitake And Jan Strnad.
This One Was From Mad Dog Graphics.

Particle Dreams Featured Keif Llama Xenotech By Matt Howarth.

Dalgoda Close To Reaching His Goal.

Dallas’ Strip Daddy Mind Tricks Can Be Found On Daddy Up.

We Are Planning To Attend HeroesCon In 2018.

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