193 | All-New X-Men

Dallas and Don have read the All New X-Men Trade 1 and discuss their thoughts on the book through Skype. Don briefly talks about The Maxx, and brings up that he confused that character with The Goon and Lobo, only because they were big guys with four letter names.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Robert Fripp & Andy Summers


All New X-Men Trade 1 By Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen,
Wade Von Grawbadger And Marte Gracia.

The Opening To All New X-Men Trade 1.

Stuart Immonen’s Double Page Spreads And Intricate Designs.

Storm As Drawn By Stuart Immonen.

Current Iceman Meets The Early Iceman.

Old Team Travels To The Current Timeline.

Even Though Illyana Didn’t Make Any Sense
To Don In The Eighties, She Does Now.

Kitty Pryde With Her Pet Dragon.

Emma Frost With Cyclops And Magneto.

Kitty Pryde.

Original Team To Modern Times

Wolverine Was Really Scary In This Series.

But Provided Comic Relief As Well.

Jean Grey.

All New X-Men Trade 1 By Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen,
Wade Von Grawbadger And Marte Gracia.

Two Page Spread Showing The Many Versions Of Jean Grey.


Magneto Always Seemed To Be Comic Relief In The
Seventies, As Seen In Super-Villain Team-Up 14.

Then He Returned In X-Men 111 And Was Really Terrifying
By Chris Claremont, John Byrne And Terry Austin.

Back-Up Story Of Magneto’s Mutant Rights Past In
Classic X-Men 19 Drawn By John Bolton.

Kitty Pryde. No One Draws Her The Same Way.

John Byrne.

An Older Kitty Pryde From Days Of Future Past.

Art Adams.

Alan Davis.

The Art Of John Byrne Tells The Story Of Replacing The X-Men
With Younger Students In The Old Black And Yellow Uniforms.

The Comic Reader Cover Showing The New X-Men In The Old Uniforms.

New Mutants Drawn By Bill Sienkiewicz.

New Mutants Drawn By Bill Sienkiewicz.
It Was A Rush All The Way Through!

Kitty With A Ponytail.

John Byrne Drew Kitty With Curly Hair And Big Eyes.

Paul Smith Drew Kitty’s Hair Like Ribbons.

Kitty’s First Time In The Danger Room Shows The
New X-Men Have Become A Cohesive Team.

James’ Package Art

The Maxx By Sam Kieth.

The Goon By Eric Powell.

The Goon By Eric Powell.


Sam Kieth’s Page Layouts And Letter forms Are Quite Nice.

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