194 | Doctor Strange And Books With No Plan To Read

Al started the episode off with a rant about the Marvel executive who says diversity may have alienated readers, which led into a discussion on the price of comics today, trade paperbacks and the culture of comics. Unfortunately, all of that is gone, because Don trashed the first half of the episode before it was produced. Sorry about that.

The surviving half discusses books that we didn’t plan on reading, but ended up liking anyway. And Doctor Strange, there was a lot about him.



 photo ironheartpromo_zpsukuftlow.jpg
Marvel Executive Says Diversity May Have Alienated Readers.
And Here Is What The Beat Says About It.

 photo ironheart1_zpsfxvjekg1.jpg
Al Says The High Price Point Have Alienated Readers.
Unfortunately, That Was Said In The First Half, And Don
Unknowingly Deleted It.

 photo stains_zpseqe5kgaa.jpg
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains

 photo tonyiommi_zpsbx6izfv9.jpg
Here Is The Story Of Tommy Iommi.

 photo kamandichallenge1_zpsubjy4dvm.jpg
Kamandi Challenge 1
Cover By Bruce Timm.

 photo part1_zpshmujxniq.jpg
Part 1 By
Dan DiDio, Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish.

 photo part2_zpstng23nmv.jpg
Part 2 By Dan Abnett And Dale Eaglesham.

 photo kamandichallenge3_zps3exfpfao.jpg
Kamandi Challenge 3

 photo part3_zps4qcl4thy.jpg
Bug In Your Ear
By Jimmy Palmiotti And Amanda Conner.

 photo kamandiwed_zps3anp7is6.jpg
Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth From Wednesday Comics
By Dave Gibbons And Ryan Sook.

 photo hellcat16_zpsmccx0hyh.jpg
Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat! 16
By Kate Leth And Brittney L. Williams.

 photo wolverine04_zps6e79efa0.jpg
Wolverine By Paul Cornell And Alan Davis.

 photo wolverineMircoPierfederici_zpsgau6l0zk.jpg
By Paul Cornell And Mirco Pierfederici.

 photo gothamcentral1c_zpsx1ufzn0f.jpg
Gotham Central 1 Special Edition By Greg Rucka,
Ed Brubaker And Michael Lark.

 photo gothamcentral1p1_zpsv5u6acou.jpg
Gotham Central 1 Special Edition By Greg Rucka,
Ed Brubaker And Michael Lark.

 photo batmanninelivesc_zpszg5xa81h.jpg
The Batman: Nine Lives
By Dean Motter And Michael Lark.

 photo batmanninelivesp1_zpsvlop7w7r.jpgThe Batman: Nine Lives By Dean Motter And Michael Lark.

 photo doctorstrangesorcerersupreme2_zpscqdb4cq9.jpg
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme 2
By Peter B. Gillis,
Rich Case And Randy Emberlin.

 photo drstrangemask_zpsma5yvbrw.jpg
Dr. Strange’s New Look
From 1968 By Roy Thomas,
Gene Colan And Tom Palmer.

 photo doctorstrange63_zpslbbg8emc.jpg
Doctor Strange 63
By Carl Potts.

 photo doctorstrange64_zpshrzw0e4u.jpg
Doctor Strange 64
By Ann Nocenti And Tony Salmons.

 photo doctorstrange67_zpsqx4lymre.jpg
Doctor Strange 67
By Roger Stern And Steve Leialoha.

 photo doctorstrange71_zps6ayt1bbt.jpg
Doctor Strange 71
By Roger Stern And Paul Smith.

 photo doctorstrangewarner_zpstrbp794f.jpg
Doctor Strange 79
By Peter B. Gillis, Chris Warner And Randy Emberlin.

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