199 | Adam West, Jerry Lewis And Squirrel Girl

We talk about the work and influence of Adam West along with the different incarnations of Batman. William Shatner, Adventures Of Jerry Lewis And The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl are discussed as well.



Goodbye Adam West.

Products Of Batmania.

Batman Trading Cards.

Batman Trading Cards.

Batman: The Animated Series.

Robinson Crusoe On Mars.

Adam West Episode Of Fatman On Batman.

Space Ghost.

New Look Batman.

Batman By Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams And Dick Giordano.

The Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller, Klaus Janson And Lynn Varley.

The Adventures Of Jerry Lewis 75.

The Intruder.

The Adventures Of Jerry Lewis 105.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 17 By Ryan North And Erica Henderson.

And Here Is The Comic Shop Episode Don Mentioned. Please Excuse
The Poor Sound Quality And We’ll See You Again On Episode 200.

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