200 | Still No Direction

Two hundred episodes in and still no direction. Enjoy!

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: ArkasiaAlex ChiltonPuffy AmiYumi

DOWNLOAD200 Episodes In And Still No Direction.

Thank You James Perry!

Here Is A Video For Episode 200 By James Perry.

The Two Dimension Cyclops Made By BBMakeArt.

The Two Dimension Buttons.

Fat Entitled Bastards.

Tales Of Syphain.

The Mighty Blue.

Tigra The Were-Woman From 138. Al’s Favorite Episode.

And 137 Is Another Episode Don Picked.

Star-Lord From 117. Don Remembers This Episode Fondly.

Promethea From 67. Dallas’ Favorite Episode.

Both Dallas And Rook Chose 102 As A Favorite.

Rook Picked The Infamous Episode 50 As His Favorite.
But Watch Out, It Will Test Every Fiber Of Your Being.

These Weren’t Mentioned, But A Few Episodes
From The Earlier Days That Al And Don Liked Were…
04 | Artists We Didn’t Like As Kids
05 | Archie Comics
10 | Underrated Artists

Fun And Games.

Transformers Sticker Book.

Transformers Sticker Book.

Batman: The Animated Series Sticker Book.

Rise Of The Midnight Sons.

Rook Was Not A Fan Of All-New Ghost Rider.

Dorbz Ghost Rider.

Teen Titans.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

The Animated Film Wizards.

Vaughn Bode’s Cobalt 60 And The Inspiration To Wizards.

The Hobbit.

Return Of The King.

The Few 4 By Sean Lewis And Hayden Sherman.

The Few 4 By Sean Lewis And Hayden Sherman.

Al A.K.A. Doctor Morbius From Slow Robot A Go-Go
Is Joined By MöW To Finish Everything Out. Enjoy!

The Flaming Carrot By Bob Burden.

Reid Fleming: World’s Toughest Milkman By David Boswell.

2 thoughts on “200 | Still No Direction

  1. Congrats on 200 podcasts, this might not be the best comic book podcast but it has become my favorite. It is very much just like talking comics with your friends. Unlike these guys I came to comics as an adult I had never read comics as a kid. I started in the early 90s exactly the time Image comics started. Spawn, Savage Dragon, The Maxx were were I started along with a few Marvel titles Wolverine, X Men , And Sensastional She Hulk.
    I quite reading and collecting after only a couple of years. It was only a couple of years ago that I restarted. Why…. Why would I come back and start reading again? The Marvel Movies that’s what got me back. 2002s Spider Man, 2008 Iron Man, 2012 Avengers didn’t have that much affect on me (I really like them but they didn’t make me want to read comics). It was Guardians of the Galaxy that made me go to a comic shop somewhere I hadn’t been in over 20 years. Since then not only am I reading marvel but this podcast has open the door to all kinds of comics. So again thanks guys

    • Thank you James. And thanks for the drawings!

      Al has always asked if the comic book movies has ever brought anyone into comic books. Now he knows someone who has.

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