248 | Howard Chaykin And Old Comics

If you are tired of hearing about us talking about Howard Chaykin and his many works then you might want to skip this one. Bronze age dollar box finds, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert substitutes and Alan Davis are discussed along with it.



The Shadow By Howard Chaykin.

The Shadow By Denny O’Neil And Michael Kaluta.

American Flagg! By Howard Chaykin And Ken Bruzenak.
Here Are His Interviews On Comic Book Historians

Marvel Premiere | The Mark Of Kane.

Black Kiss By Howard Chaykin And Ken Bruzenak.

Astonishing Tales 2.

Creatures On The Loose 36.

The Many Ghosts Of Doctor Graves 12.

Fantastic Four 69.

Fantastic Four 57.

Jack Kirby’s Notes On Fantastic Four 49.

Tarzan 245.

Tarzan 248.

Tarzan 223.

Pep 293.

Batman Cards Painted By Norman Saunders.

Batman Cards Painted By Norman Saunders.

The Illustrated Story Of The Navy.

A Sailor’s Story By Sam Glanzman.

Red Sonja By Frank Thorne.

The Conversation.

Captain Britain Storyline By Alan Moore And Alan Davis.

Amazing Heroes | Alan Davis.

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