258 | Reprints And Old Humor Magazines

On the first episode of 2020 we start off talking about our lack of flying cars, and how misleading time saving devices can be. The book A Man Called Destruction: The Life And Music Of Alex Chilton is mentioned (by Al of course) then we get on to comics, but finish with Tampa Bay radio shows.



EC Horror Comics Of The Fifties.

Foul Play Drawn By Jack Davis.

An Eye For An Eye Drawn By Angelo Torres.

Comix: A History Of Comic Books In America By Les Daniels.

Mad Special 9.

Mad 1 Drawn By Harvey Kurtzman.

Mad 11 Drawn By Basil Wolverton.

Melvin Of The Apes! Drawn By Marie Severin.

National Lampoon.



Crazy Magazine.


Not Brand Echh.

Crazy In Comic Book Form.


Heavy Metal Cover By Alex Niño.

Proposed Bodé Magazine.

Wizards Poster By William Stout.

Witzend 7 Cover By Vaughn Bodé.

The Ventures.

True Believers Super Skrull.

DC Dollar Comics 1, Teen Titans Annual 3.

Giant-Size Defenders 3.

True Believers Valley Of The Worm.

True Believers Man-Wolf.

True Believers Annihilus.

True Believers Super-Adaptoid!

True Believers Green Goblin.

True Believers Mantis.

True Believers Moon Dragon.

Marvel’s Greatest Creators: The Invaders.

Gotterdammerung 1 By P. Craig Russell.

Gotterdammerung 2 By P. Craig Russell.

Fairy Tales Of Oscar Wilde By P. Craig Russell.

Ron & Ron.

3 thoughts on “258 | Reprints And Old Humor Magazines

  1. I remember that EC baseball story (shudders). I appreciate the whole EC gang but I preferred the sci-fi mags with Williamson and Wood. Their art was just gorgeous.

    You saw your grandparents in the theater watching Emmanuelle?? Lol! Very interesting to hear your family’s stories about the music biz. I had a local music “career” in my city when I was in my 20s.

    English nerd alert – Bode is pronounced BOH-dee. Fun conversation, thanks guys.

  2. Thanks for the comment Daniel! And thanks even more for giving me the correct way to pronounce ‘Da Bode’s name.

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