259 | Legion, November And Thor

Legion Of Super-Heroes and the many changes the comic has gone through takes up most of the show. November Vol. 1 comes up, then the many changes Thor has gone through takes up some more. We also question why Glactus keeps trying to devour the earth when it is obvious he can’t.

Then Marvel’s The End titles are coming back, and DC Black Label titles are talked about.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Deloris Telescope


Superboy: Legion Of Super-Heroes 198 By Cary Bates And Dave Cockrum.
Cover By Nick Cardy.

Superboy: Legion Of Super-Heroes 217 By Jim Shooter And Mike Grell.

Dave Cockrum’s Last Legion Story. Inks By Mike Grell.

Issues 184, 188, 190, 191, 193, 195, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201 And 202
Have Stories Drawn By Dave Cockrum. And 300 Has One As Well

Double Page Spread From Superboy: Legion Of Super-Heroes 200 That
Dave Cockrum Wanted The Original Artwork Back.

Outsiders Proposal By Dave Cockrum.

Superboy 241 By Paul Levitz, James Sherman And Bob McLeod.

Legion Of Super-Heroes 298 By Paul Levitz,
Keith Geffin. And Larry Mahlstedt.

Tales Of The Legion Of Super-Heroes 318
By Paul Levitz, Terry Shoemaker And Karl Kesel.

Legion Of Super-Heroes 41 Introduces The Legionaires
By Tom & Mary Bierbaum, Chris Sprouse And Karl Story.

Superboy Rejected.
And Here Is The Origin Story Of The Legion.

Bouncing Boy’s Story.

Here Is A Video On Who Is Bouncing Boy.
(Not Kid Friendly).

Legion Animated Series.

X-Men 107.

Superboy: Legion Of Super-Heroes 197 By Cary Bates And Dave Cockrum.
Cover By Nick Cardy.


Legion Of Super-Heroes After Crises Of Infinite Earths.

Superman 8 By John Byrne.

Superboy’s Legion By Mark Farmer And Alan Davis.

November: Vol. 1 By Matt Fraction And Elsa Charretier.

November: Vol. 1 By Matt Fraction And Elsa Charretier.

November: Vol. 1 By Matt Fraction And Elsa Charretier.

Adventure Comics 353 By Jim Shooter, Curt Swan And George Klein.
Under The Editorship Of Mort Weisinger.

Thor 1 (727) By Donny Cates And Nic Klein.
Cover By Olivier Coipel And Laura Martin.

Thor 1 (727).

Thor 1 (727).

Thor 1 (727).

Thor 16 (722).

Hotshots 5 By Gail Simone, David Baldeón And Michael Shelfer.

Fantastic Four 257 By John Byrne.
(Shows What Happens When Galactus Eats A World).

Avengers 133 Tells The Story Of The Blue Area Of The Moon.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man The End.

Fantastic Four The End.

The Sandman Universe: John Constantine, From DC Black Label.

DC Black Label Harleen.

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  1. Fun show gents. The only Legion I read was the Sprouse version, which I enjoyed, and a few of the 50s stories when they were reprinted (in backups?) here and there. Enjoyed your take on them and the stories.

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