258 | Reprints And Old Humor Magazines

On the first episode of 2020 we start off talking about our lack of flying cars, and how misleading time saving devices can be. The book A Man Called Destruction: The Life And Music Of Alex Chilton is mentioned (by Al of course) then we get on to comics, but finish with Tampa Bay radio shows.



EC Horror Comics Of The Fifties.

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200 | Still No Direction

Two hundred episodes in and still no direction. Enjoy!

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: ArkasiaAlex ChiltonPuffy AmiYumi

DOWNLOAD200 Episodes In And Still No Direction.

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86 | Epic Comic Runs, 60’s Comics, New Mutants, Wordy 80’s Comics And Go-To Guys

Episode 86. The entire crew returns to discuss Game Of Thrones, Lee and Kirby’s Fantastic Four Run, other epic comic runs like Walking Dead, Groo, and Uncanny X-Men,
Differences between Marvel and DC in the 60’s, Ghost Rider, Digital Reading, Comixology, Mike Ploog’s Horror Comics, The New Mutants original run, Herring and Robinson Book Binders, Wordy and dated 80’s comics, Jack Kirby’s Inkers, and Sal Buscema & Vince Colletta: Marvel’s Go-To Guys.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Coheed and Cambria


Game Of Thrones.

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