265 | Identifying Artists

Comic book distribution on hiatus, the failed attempt to aid it from ComicHub and the 5 lb. Mystery Boxes offered from Mile High Comics starts this one off. Identifying uncredited artists and writers in both comics and paperback book covers. They go on a lot after this.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser


Bob Bolling.

Dan DeCarlo.

Harry Lucey.

Bob Montana.

Stan Goldberg.

Howie Post.

Howie Post.

Walter Crane.

Arthur Rackham.

Gustav Klimt.

Robert McGinnis.

Frank Frazetta.

Robert McGuire.

Paul Rader.

Margaret Brundage.

Syd Shores.

Basil Gogos.

Illustration Magazine.

Marcel Duchamp.

Romance Covers.

Toulouse LauTrec.

8 Rock Songs You Didn’t Know Were Covers.
And Here Is The Commercial Using Tainted Love.

Kurt Schaffenberger.

Tutti Frutti By Little Richard.
And Here Is Pat Boon’s Recording.

Captain Marvel By C.C. Beck.

Captain Marvel Jr. By Mac Raboy.

1 thought on “265 | Identifying Artists

  1. Thanks Don and Don for another good show! You gave lots of artists who are new to me that I can check out. I need to see more Arthur Rackham to start. The fine art world is a funny place. I love abstract expressionism and its descendants, but some take it too far to where for me, some of it isn’t art anymore. I’m thinking of certain famous scribblers. I recognize it has a context but nevertheless I find it inherently meaningless. Maybe I should cut this short haha. It’s just to say that some illustrators are more artists than some promoted fine artists.

    Of The Studio guys, I think Jones could reach into the realm of fine art.

    I’m pretty dismissive of the Rock n Roll hall of fame. Where’s the achievement when executives enshrine executives haha? Imho it is on the same level as the WWE hall of fame, or the baseball hof without Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe (either put the best in or forget it). Common sense says you get the 50s originators, the best of the British Invasion, the best of Motown and Stax, and then you lock the dang doors until a grassroots phenomenon happens, which lets in the best of reggae, punk, and early New York rap. The Rock n Roll hall of fame, population… 25.

    Anyway that’s just some fun fan rant. I like Ditko’s Charlton stuff.

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