277 | Creating Comics & Title Design

Much to Al’s chagrin, Borderguard starts this conversation off, which leads into the fantastic independent comic books of the early eighties and the changing of the industry. And since no one on social media seemed to like the title design for that comic, we talk about that as well.



Borderguard By Peter John Palmer, C.J. HendersonAl Val And Scott Hanna.

Carol Kalish.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Delta-Wave By Stuart Horen, Al Val And Ralph Cabrera.

Borderguard By Peter John Palmer, C.J. HendersonAl Val And Scott Hanna.

Freemason Funnies By Don Moore.

The Mighty Blue By Dallas Busha.

Mechthings By Brad Foster.

Title Design By Ira Schnapp.

Title Design By Gaspar Saladino.

Title Design By Danny Crespi.

Death Kiss Drawn By Rudy Palais.

Cover For Negro Romance.

Forever Yours Drawn By Rudy Palais.

The Deadliest Witch Drawn By Rudy Palais.

Arms Of Doom Drawn By Rudy Palais.

Warren Kremer.

The Body Maker Drawn By Warren Kremer.

Warren Kremer.

Hangman Drawn By Harry Lucey.

Archie Drawn By Harry Lucey.

Dan DeCarlo.

Bob Montana.

Early Archie.

Archie 3.

Popeye R-01 By King Features And Comics Reading Libraries 1977.

Popeye: The First Fifty Years By Bud Sagendorf.

Popeye An Swee’Pea In Pappy’s Spook! By Bud Saendorf.

The Little King By John Stanley.

Professor O.G. Wotasnozzle: The Atomic Brain! By Bud Sagendorf.

Nick Cardy.

Carl Barks.

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  1. Another great show, thanks guys. Enjoyed the topics. Neat to hear about your own work in comics. Covers look very cool from all the hosts!

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