277 | Creating Comics & Title Design

Much to Al’s chagrin, Borderguard starts this conversation off, which leads into the fantastic independent comic books of the early eighties and the changing of the industry. And since no one on social media seemed to like the title design for that comic, we talk about that as well.



Borderguard By Peter John Palmer, C.J. HendersonAl Val And Scott Hanna.

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200 | Still No Direction

Two hundred episodes in and still no direction. Enjoy!

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: ArkasiaAlex ChiltonPuffy AmiYumi

DOWNLOAD200 Episodes In And Still No Direction.

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154 | Frazetta’s Snow Man (Again), Peter Max, The Mighty Blue And Gilbert Hernandez

Frank Frazetta: The Adventures Of The Snowman is finally discussed, along with artists simplifying their styles. Jack Kirby’s Fourth World is mentioned, Peter Max somehow comes up, Dallas’ The Mighty Blue is reviewed and Gilbert Hernandez’ Sloth is recommended.



Frank Frazetta: The Adventures Of The Snowman.

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42 | Brief History Of Marvel Comics Editor In Chief Positions

Al and Don start it off discussing other podcasts, then move on to a brief history of Marvel Comics Editor In Chief Positions, the business sense of Will Eisner, and the CrossGen Comics Environment.
They spoke at length about the SUNSHINE DRENCHY RECORDS SAMPLER 2012 on Noisetrade, then trailed off to a Rolling Stones album that no one seems to like. Eventually they get back to comics.



Slow Robot A Go GoBunch Of Dorks
Al Can Be Found On These Podcasts As Well Two Dimension.

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24 | Comic Shops

We return as a 5-piece to talk about The Walking Dead…. again!!
Rook discusses the moral implications of Rick’s leadership style, and Hashbrown points out the subtle moments of the show.

Meanwhile, Dallas makes fun of the Smiths, Don brings up the greatest webcomic of all time (The Mighty Blue), and the boys talk about the public perception of comic shops and having to drink your own urine to survive.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Primitive Astronauts


The Walking Dead…. Again!!
And Again….