308 | Bigfoot Knows Karate

Dan Price joins the show to talk about the upcoming series Bigfoot Knows Karate along with the Kickstarter champain and his past work.


Bigfoot Knows Karate By Dan Price And Casey Allen.

Bigfoot Knows Karate Vs. Kung Cthulhu By Dan Price And Casey Allen.

Latex Avenger By Dan Price.

Masters Of The Obvious Animation Pitch By Shane Campos.

Masters Of The Obvious Strip.

Drawing Latex Avenger By Dan Price.

Batman Movie From 1966.

The Justice League Toys From IDEAL.

Super Heroes Board Game With The Mighty Crusaders From 1966.

Spider-Man Hanging With The Fantastic Four.

Excelsi-ish! For The Stan Lee Foundation.

The Legend Of Larry The Lizard By Peter And Jeanne Meinke.

Latitude Zero.


Superman: The Movie.

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