62 | Differences Between Kung Fu Heroes And Superheroes Of The West

Join Don and Al as they explore the differences between kung fu heroes and western Superheroes. This leads to a discussion of the long-form, episodic storytelling of western mainstream comics vs. the three-act oriented stories of eastern comics. And then onto familiar ground: sequels. Somehow, Don manages to sneak in some talk of one of his favorite comics, Jack Staff. We also learn why Al is currently preferring trades and graphic novels to single issue comic books.
Up next… how science fiction has fueled the comic and movie industries for decades, and why comics are currently benefiting from taking more chances. Al brings up a great comparison with the daredevil, chance-taking music industry of the 1950’s and 1960’s.
And the boys wrap it up by discussing… surprise, surprise… THE WALKING DEAD.



The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin.

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