25 | Thought Balloons

We’ve made it to episode 25! Who would have thought?

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: In The Dim (half of them anyway)


The Surrogates By Robert Venditti And Brett Weldele.

Surrogates Movie Adaptation.
Which Led To Gardens Of Aedena And Many Other Works By Moebius.
The White Nightmare.
Moebius Thoughts On Comic Book Lettering.
The Incal.
Major Blueberry.
Then Reality Sets In…Somehow Shadows And Lighting Came Up,
And Dallas Made Reference To A Seinfeld Episode.
Uncanny X-Men By Chris Clairemont And Dave Cockrum.
And Everyone Seems To Miss Thought Balloons In Comic Books.
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen • 1969.
Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules.
And Al (The Guy Who Doesn’t Like Zombies), Finishes The Show Off
Announcing His Having Read The First 20 Issues Of The Walking Dead.
But The Show Didn’t End Until Rook Talked
About Age Of Apocalypse Revisited.

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