102 | Locke & Key, DC On TV, Voice Actors, Grant Morrison, Little Nemo And Captain Nemo

The fantastic foursome return! Talking points include: Locke & Key, The Flash (TV), Gotham (TV), Agents of Shield (TV). Cartoon talk! Adventure Time, Ed Edd & Eddy, Looney Tunes and the documentary “I Know That Voice.” We discuss matching voices to animated lips and Don’s love for The Incredibles.
Dallas gushes over Supergods by Grant Morrison, and Don compares superhero comics to MC Hammer. We review Little Nemo by Eric Shanower & Gabriel Rodriguez, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Rose of Berlin by Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill.



Locke & Key By Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodrigues.

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25 | Thought Balloons

We’ve made it to episode 25! Who would have thought?

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: In The Dim (half of them anyway)


The Surrogates By Robert Venditti And Brett Weldele.