36 | Comic Books Translated To The Big Screen Concludes

Our talks on comic books translated to the big screen concludes with The Avengers.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Captain Beefheart


The Avengers Movie.

Al’s Cardinal Sin Is Changing A Character…

Nick Fury The Original.

Nick Fury The Ultimates.

Then David Hasselhoff Was Brought Up.

And Rook Explains The Ultimates Universe.

Ultimate Spider-Man • Ultimate Iron Man
Ultimate Fantastic Four • Ultimate X-Men

Whole New Area For Marvel.

DC Earth OneEarth Two

Ultimate Avengers Cartoon.


Adam Warlock • Captain Marvel

The Infinity Gauntlant

 Fantastic Four Movie Reboot? •  Spider-Man Movie Reboot

Why Doesn’t Movies Translate Into Comic Book Sales?

We Don’t See Kids In The Comic Book Stores.

The Walking Dead Collections.

Wedding Of Northstar*

Avengers Game On Facebook • Rook Murphy Send Him A Note.

Showcase: Beginning Of The Silver Age Of Comic.

 Superheroes Went Away After World War II.

Tales To AstonishStrange TalesAmazing Fantasy

Strange Adventures

Inferior Five.


Hawk And Dove.

Showcase Presents Showcase.

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