37 | Comic Book Letterers And The Art Of Typography

Once again, the whole gang is present, and thanks to Al we discuss letterers and the art of typography. What’s better.. digital fonts or traditional lettering?
We reminisce about some of the old school lettering masters such as John Workman, Moebius, and Tom Orzechowski. Don finds a way to slide in a Carl Barks comment,
and Dallas gushes about Dave Sim’s typographical masterpiece, Cerebus.
We then discuss “event fatigue” in the DC and Marvel universe, and Rook tastefully bags on DC’s New 52 concept. We talk about how boring the superhero “status quo” can be,
and how refreshing books like Spider-Man’s Brand New Day and Morrison’s New X-Men can be. There’s some creator-owned rights talk, and Don brings up symphonic music
to hammer home his point on artistic “innovators” and “cultivators”.
Oh, and Rook sticks up for Aquaman.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: The Brilliant Green


Not Only Could No One Draw Or Design Like Alex Toth,
No One Could Letter Like He Could As Well.
Yet, We Missed Talking About It On This Episode.

Comic Book LettererDesign • Computer Lettering

Chi Chian By Voltaire.

Richard Starkings’ Comicraft.

Jim Aparo Who Did It All.

Tom Orzechowski.

John Byrne Pencils And Terry Austin Inks.

Alan Davis Pencils And Mark Farmer Inks.

Darwyn Cooke Pencils With J. Bone Inks.

Jeff Smith RASL.

Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai.

Paul Grist’s Hand Lettering Jack Staff.

Al Feldstein At EC Preferred The Consistent Lettering Of A Leroy Set.

Harvey Kurtzman’s EC Titles Were Hand Lettered By Ben Oda.

Charles Moulton And H. G. Peters’ Leroy Set Lettered Wonder Woman.

Richard Corben’s DEN Typeset.

John Workman And His Lettering On The Mighty Thor.

Moebius’ Lettering On Parable Defies The Unbreakable
Consistency Of American Comic Book Lettering


Ken Bruzenak’s Hand Lettering/Typography On American Flagg.

Dave Sim’s Hand Lettering On Cerebus.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

Kirby And Lee Fantastic Four.

How Many Times…

Can The Justice League

Outsmart Amazo?

Or, Can The X-Men Beat Apocalypse Again?

Holst: The Planets And Black Sabbath.

Grant Morrison’s X-Men.

Garth Ennis On Ghost Rider.

Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing.

The Avengers By George Perez.

The Avengers By Steve Englehart.

Fantastic Four By John Byrne.

Superman: The Byrne Reboot.

Geoff Johns’ Aquaman.

Sandman By Neil Gaiman.

Dr. Strange In His Domain.

Hark A Vagrant By Kate Beaton.

Dalgoda By Jan Strnad And Dennis Fujitake.

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