71 | Christmas Comics And Living In An Archival Society

It’s the Christmas episode! Join Don, Al, and Dallas as they take a walk down memory lane and discuss their favorite Christmas-themed comics. Dallas chooses X-Men (of course), Al chooses Tales from the Crypt (of course) and Don is just a Scrooge.

After that, It’s gift time as the boys exchange presents on air and be merry to each other. The blissful times continue as we meet our once-per-episode quota of Walking Dead talk, before the show inexplicably becomes Two Dimension: The Music Podcast.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: BAD RELIGION!!!!!!!! (courtesy of Rook)


 photo christmasMerry_zps2fac51dd.png

 photo andallthroughthehouse2_zps8e57a598.jpg
…And All Through The House… By The Great Johnny Craig

 photo spiritmag12_zps2c2c6fa2.jpg
The Spirit #12 By Will Eisner

Some Information On Comic Book Cover Dates

 photo michaelangelo_zpsc9ea3a32.jpg
Teenage Ninja Turtle Christmas Comic: Michelangelo

 photo xmen98p01_zpsd1f859be.jpg
Uncanny X-Men #98 By Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum And Sam Grainger

 photo UnXMen172_zps18e6b3cd.jpg
Uncanny X-Men 172 By Chris Claremont, Paul Smith And Bob Wiacek

 photo archiechristmasstocking_zps006c85ef.jpg
Archie’s Christmas Stocking

 photo christmaswithsuperheroes_zps23f8c4e9.jpg
Christmas With The Super-Heroes Which Included The Angel And The Ape Story
The $500,000 Doll Caper! By John AlbanoBob Oksner And Wally Wood

 photo heroforhire71_zps8a46b89a.jpg
Jingle Bombs! From Hero For Hire #7
By Steve Englehart, George Tuska And William Graham Jr.
Cover By Billy Graham

 photo DCSpecialSeries21_zpsc1651951.jpg
Super-Star Holiday Special Cover By José Luis García-López, Which Had
Wanted: Santa Claus — Dead or Alive! By Frank Miller And Denny O’Neil

 photo DonaldDuckTheCode_zpsfcfcf4b0.jpg
Don Butchered The Code Of Duckburg By Carl Barks

 photo tcj130_zpsb8990011.jpg
 The Comics Journal 130

 photo JaimeHernandezshortstories_zps3f90bf1f.jpg
Love And Rockets Short Stories By Jaime Hernandez

 photo rubberblanket1_zpsd8c7c1c8.jpg
Rubber Blankets 1

 photo moebius8_zpsfd3bc6f5.jpg
Moebius 8: Mississippi River

 photo spiegelmanbreakdowns_zps71d28078.jpg
Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@&*! By Art Spiegelman

 photo batmanego_zps9232a7da.jpg
Batman: Ego And Other Tails By Darwyn Cooke

 photo velvet1_zps7bd21ba2.jpg
Velvet By Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

 photo ua_zpsa1703afe.jpg
Uncanny Avengers By Rick Remender And John Cassaday

 photo WalkingDeadtrade1_zpsd34e37d9.jpg
The Walking Dead First Trade By Robert Kirkman And Tony Moore.

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