71 | Christmas Comics And Living In An Archival Society

It’s the Christmas episode! Join Don, Al, and Dallas as they take a walk down memory lane and discuss their favorite Christmas-themed comics. Dallas chooses X-Men (of course), Al chooses Tales from the Crypt (of course) and Don is just a Scrooge.

After that, It’s gift time as the boys exchange presents on air and be merry to each other. The blissful times continue as we meet our once-per-episode quota of Walking Dead talk, before the show inexplicably becomes Two Dimension: The Music Podcast.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: BAD RELIGION!!!!!!!! (courtesy of Rook)


…And All Through The House… By The Great Johnny Craig.

The Spirit 12 By Will Eisner.

Some Information On Comic Book Cover Dates.

Teenage Ninja Turtle Christmas Comic: Michelangelo.

Uncanny X-Men 98 By Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum And Sam Grainger.

Uncanny X-Men 172 By Chris Claremont, Paul Smith And Bob Wiacek.

Archie’s Christmas Stocking.

Christmas With The Super-Heroes Which Included The Angel And The Ape Story
The $500,000 Doll Caper! By John AlbanoBob Oksner And Wally Wood.

Jingle Bombs! From Hero For Hire 7
By Steve Englehart, George Tuska And William Graham Jr.
Cover By Billy Graham.

Super-Star Holiday Special Cover By José Luis García-López, Which Had
Wanted: Santa Claus — Dead or Alive! By Frank Miller And Denny O’Neil.

Don Butchered The Code Of Duckburg By Carl Barks.

The Comics Journal 130.

Love And Rockets Short Stories By Jaime Hernandez.

Rubber Blankets 1.

Moebius 8: Mississippi River.

Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@&*! By Art Spiegelman.

Batman: Ego And Other Tails By Darwyn Cooke.

Velvet By Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.

Uncanny Avengers By Rick Remender And John Cassaday.

The Walking Dead First Trade By Robert Kirkman And Tony Moore.

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