70 | Vinyl Records, French Comics, Strong Female Characters And Muck Monsters

Al and Don start off talking about John Severin, then go into humor magazines of the seventies, rising paper costs of the nineties, the evolution of brick and mortar bookstores  and the return of vinyl records.

Comic book artists streamlining styles as they progress, color work and uninked pencils are discussed, as well as comic book heroines, French comics and muck monsters.



John Severin Cover For Cracked.

John Severin Interior Page For Cracked.

And Here Is Some Information
On The Rise Of Paper Prices.

John Severin Cover For Cracked Monster Party.

Here Is A Synopsis Of The Movie You’ve Got Mail
And How Small Bookstores Got Replaced
By Mega Book Sellers. And Here Is A Write Up
About What Happened To The Mega Chains Later.

John Severin Inked By Will Elder.

Early Work By Joe Kubert.

Seventies Work By Joe Kubert.

An Example Of Joe Kubert’s Later Work.

An Example Of Joe Kubert’s Later Work.

Early Work By Moebius.

Later Work By Moebius.

Jaime Hernandez’ Early Work.

Jaimie Hernandez’ Later Work.

Early Work By Wally Wood.

Later Work By Wally Wood.

Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller And Klaus Janson.

Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller And Klaus Janson.
Colored By Lynn Varley.

Lone Wolf And Cub Cover By Frank Miller.

Lone Wolf And Cub Cover By Frank Miller.
Colored By Lynn Varley.

Valerian Birds Of The Master By Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin.

Laureline Is One Of The Most Non-Conformist
Female Characters In The History Of Comics.

Sue Storm Was Always Portrayed As Weak Until The Eighties.

Jack Kirby’s Big Barda Was Definitely A Woman, But Always Strong.

Female Characters From The Golden Age Were Unique And Strong

They Were Also Very Glamourous
Madame Satan.

Lois Lane Under Mort Weisinger Was An Irritating Busy Body.

No One Messed With Lois Lane In The Beginning.

Interior Page From Asterix: The Mansions Of The Gods.

And Here Is The Animated Film
The Twelve Tasks Of Asterix.

The Smurfs By Peyo.

The Disney Ducks By Carl Barks Are Big In Europe.

Things Old… Things Forgotten Had A Muck Monster In It.

Swamp Thing By Len Wein And Berni Wrightson.

The Man-Thing Came Out A Little Earlier By Steve Gerber,
Val Mayerik And Sal Trapani. Cover By Frank Brunner.

The Heap, First Of The Muck Monsters.

Based On It By Theodore Sturgeon.
A Muck Monster Was On The Night Gallery Episode Brenda.

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