380 | Unread And Already Discussed

We starts off with Rook’s recent trip to Mutiny Information Cafe and a kickstarter project he received but hasn’t read yet. Don talks about books that have already discussed on the show and decided to do so again.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Polkadot Stingray


Sunmaker 1 By Ryan Kroboth And Lyam Hayes.

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315 | Marvel Shows, Boba Fett And Ocean

Everything begins with talk about Marvel television shows and films with a discussion of Book Of Boba Fett. Reading older trades, new releases and dollar box finds for Sandman, Nod Away, Cerebus:, Ocean, American Gods, Rain and Black Science cover the rest of the episode.



Moon Knight Trailer.

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186 | Doom Patrol, Low And Alex And Ada

Dallas gives his take on the current Doom Patrol, which leads into a discussion of the different incarnations of the comic and Ted McKeever who had worked on it, but we didn’t know. The Vision, Ramona Fradon and the many awesome projects of Mark Chiarello.

Low: The Delirium Of Hope and the tight line of fantastic graphics and not being confusing is gone over, along with the third trade of Alex + Ada and text features In old comic books.



Doom Patrol 2 From DC Young Animal. Cover By Michael Allred.

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Explicit 150 | Too Many Comics, Variant Covers And Other Comics We’ve Forgotten Or Haven’t Read

The Core Four burn through the first part of the show talking about how they met, then learn how Hashbrowns got his name. The question of are there too many comics these days? is brought up, and Al discusses the return of variant covers. Dallas gives a lukewarm review of Fantastic Four 352 after Don pushed it on him and Rook reviews Super Zero. And at the end Poison River, Chrononauts 1, Black Science and The Nevermen were talked about, but not very well. Enjoy!

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: The HorriblesPrince Whipper Whip


Are There Too Many Comics These Days?
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76 | Voodoo Child Bill Sienkiewicz, Robert Crumb, All Star Superman, Whoa, Nellie!, Jaime Hernandez

Don, Al and Dallas talk comics. What comics? These comics:

She Hulk, The Winter SoldierSienkiewicz’s Voodoo Child and New Mutants, Robert Crumb’s Heroes of Blues and Kafka, All Star Superman, Whoa Nelly!, Fables, Walking Dead, Preacher, Howard the Duck and The Beatles.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Robert Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders


Winter Soldier By Rick Remender and Roland Boschi.

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71 | Christmas Comics And Living In An Archival Society

It’s the Christmas episode! Join Don, Al, and Dallas as they take a walk down memory lane and discuss their favorite Christmas-themed comics. Dallas chooses X-Men (of course), Al chooses Tales from the Crypt (of course) and Don is just a Scrooge.

After that, It’s gift time as the boys exchange presents on air and be merry to each other. The blissful times continue as we meet our once-per-episode quota of Walking Dead talk, before the show inexplicably becomes Two Dimension: The Music Podcast.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: BAD RELIGION!!!!!!!! (courtesy of Rook)


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45 | The Man By Vaughn Bode

Don, Rook, Dallas and Dr. Al ring in the new year with some exciting comic talk! We touch on the subtle grandeur of Vaughn Bode’s classic, THE MAN, and discuss in detail Guy Delisle’s graphic novel, PYONGYANG: A JOURNEY IN NORTH KOREA.

Rook discusses MARVEL NOW, the new line of reader-friendly Marvel Comics. He highlights THOR and THE INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK, and then proceeds to bag on John Romita Jr.’s artwork on the new CAPTAIN AMERICA book.

After confusing ourselves trying to figure out who’s alive and who’s dead in the current X-Men books, Don discusses Alan Davis and Mark Farmer’s pencils on the X-Men through the years. Rook brings up the new HE-MAN comic by DC and we end the night by asking the question: when should we let our children loose to read more “mature” content in the comics world?

And here is some information about Tallahassee’s Secret Headquarters’ Unicorn Party.



We’ve Been Told That The Human Race Wouldn’t Get Past
Last Year, But Hello To 2013 Anyway! What Do We Do Now?

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33 | Bring A Younger Audience

Don, Al and Dallas are joined once again by Don’s daughter, Holly, as we finally return to traditional comic book talk. We have some technical difficulties (Don’s a little hard to hear, so turn up the volume LOUD!!)

Don reviews the new Popeye #1 by IDW and reminisces about the character, and he discovers an indie book from the 90’s called Optic Nerve. We go on to discuss the merits of Free Comic Book Day, and ask the question: is it bringing in a younger audience to local comic shops?

Al talks romance comics from the 60’s, particularly Young Love featuring art by the master, John Romita Sr.

Dallas gushes about the masterpieces that is Chris Claremont’s run on Uncanny X-Men and reviews Rick Remender’s first handful of Uncanny X-Force issues.
Larry Marder’s Tales of the Beanworld gets an analysis, and Al finally reads Asterios Polyp!!!!



IDW’s Popeye.

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