86 | Epic Comic Runs, 60’s Comics, New Mutants, Wordy 80’s Comics And Go-To Guys

Episode 86. The entire crew returns to discuss Game Of Thrones, Lee and Kirby’s Fantastic Four Run, other epic comic runs like Walking Dead, Groo, and Uncanny X-Men,
Differences between Marvel and DC in the 60’s, Ghost Rider, Digital Reading, Comixology, Mike Ploog’s Horror Comics, The New Mutants original run, Herring and Robinson Book Binders, Wordy and dated 80’s comics, Jack Kirby’s Inkers, and Sal Buscema & Vince Colletta: Marvel’s Go-To Guys.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Coheed and Cambria


Game Of Thrones.

Fantastic Four Omnibus 1 By Jack Kirby And Stan Lee.

Ghost Rider Complete Collection On DVD-ROM.

Mike Ploog On Ghost Rider.

Mike Ploog On Werewolf By Night.

Mike Ploog On Man-Thing.

Wizards Narrative Drawings By Mike Ploog.

Tomb Of Dracula By Gene Colan.

Lone Wolf And Cub Cover By Mike Ploog.

New Mutants Bound By These Fine People.

New Mutants By Chris Claremont And Bob McLeod.

New Mutants By Chris Claremont And Bill Sienkiewicz.

New Mutants By Chris Claremont And Sal Buscema.

Death Of Captain Marvel By Jim Starlin.

Elric: The Dreaming City By Roy Thomas And P. Craig Russell.

Dreadstar By Jim Starlin.

New Mutants By Chris Claremont And Bob McLeod.

God Loves Man Kills By Chris Claremont And Brent Anderson.

Go-To Guy Sal Buscema.

Jack Kirby Inked By Vince Colletta.

Jack Kirby Inked By Joe Sinnott.

Jack Kirby Inked By Chic Stone.

Jack Kirby Inked By Mike Royer.

Jack Kirby Pencils Before Mike Royer.

Jack Kirby Inked By D. Bruce Berry.

Jack Kirby Inked By Wally Wood.

Jack Kirby Inked By Mike Thibodeaux.

Jack Kirby Inked By Frank Giacoia.

Jack Kirby Inked By John Verpoorten.

The Mighty Thor Penciled Pages By Jack Kirby,
With Inking Credits To Vince Colletta.

The Mighty Thor By Jack Kirby And Inked By Dan Adkins.

Jack Kirby Inked By Syd Shores.

Jack Kirby Inked By Barry Windsor-Smith.

Jack Kirby Inked By Greg Theakston.

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