90 | Comics Overseas, Color Or Black And White, Kirby’s Fantastic Four And Inkers

We start off talking about living with no rules, shipboard life, and nine minutes later finding comic books overseas. Once again black and white or color is discussed, as well as Kirby’s epic run on Fantastic Four 41-50. Vince Colletta, Walt Simonson’s Star Slammers and old war comics finish it out.



Teen Weekly Komiks From The Philippines.

Artist’s Signature And The Time It Was Done,
From Teen Weekly Komiks.

British Marvels Of The 70’s.

Les Quatre Fantastiques In French.

Les Quatre Fantastiques In French.

Les Quatre Fantastiques In French.

Colorful Chitrakatha From India.

British Marvels.

The Steel Claw By Jesus Blasco. And Other British Comics.

Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future By Frank Hampson.
And Here Is The Song By Elton John.

Treasure Chest Comics By Reed Crandall.

Les Ombres de Nulle Part By Pierre Wininger.
French Comics From The Seventies.

Hugo Pratt From Italy.

Fantastic Four Masterworks 5.

Vince Colletta Inks Over Jack Kirby.

Joe Sinnott Inks Over Jack Kirby.

Vince Colletta’s Thicker Inks On Tales Of Asgard.

Vince Colletta’s Thin Line Inks On The Mighty Thor.

Lois Lane Pencils By Werner Roth And Inks By Vince Colletta.

Mike Grell Inked By Vince Colletta.

Mike Grell Inking Mike Grell.

DC Animated Covers.

Rick Leonardi YouTube.

Joe Sinnott Mr. Media Interview.

Silver Surfer By John Byrne And Tom Palmer.

Silver Surfer Pencils By John Byrne.

Walt Simonson’s Star Slammers From IDW.

Walt Simonson’s Star Slammers From The 1982 Marvel Graphic Novel.

Walt Simonson’s Star Slammers From Malibu.

Nightcrawler 002 By Chris Claremont And Todd Nauck.

Daredevil 003
Don Was Right, Dan Slott Can Write A Good Story, But This One
Was Written By Mark Waid, With Artwork By Chris Samnee.

Daredevil Meets The Wraith.
By Mark Waid And Artwork By Chris Samnee.

Fighting Army By Pat Boyette.

Dick Ayers And Gerry Talaoc.

Flash Gordon By Ric Estrada.

G.I. Combat By Jerry Grandenetti.

Enemy Ace By Howard Chaykin.

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