91 | Creator Owned Comics, Black And White Explosion And Finding Comics Off The Rack

Walking Dead is mentioned which quickly turns to creator owned comics and the black and white explosion of the eighties. A comparison of Alex Toth and Jaime Hernandez occurs, as well as a short discussion of nineties comics, titles about villains, newspaper strips and finding comics off the rack.

And of course, more Fantastic Four talk. Whoo hoo!



The Walking Dead All Out War Storyline.
By Robert Kirkman And Charlie Adlard.

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90 | Comics Overseas, Color Or Black And White, Kirby’s Fantastic Four And Inkers

We start off talking about living with no rules, shipboard life, and nine minutes later finding comic books overseas. Once again black and white or color is discussed, as well as Kirby’s epic run on Fantastic Four 41-50. Vince Colletta, Walt Simonson’s Star Slammers and old war comics finish it out.



Teen Weekly Komiks From The Philippines.

Artist’s Signature And The Time It Was Done,
From Teen Weekly Komiks.

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