99 | Anthony Desiato, Unknown Archie Creators, Walt Simonson, Alan Davis And Marie Severin

Documentary filmmaker Anthony Desiato starts the show off discussing his films My Comic Shop, Buy Spoon: The Jay Meisel Story and Wacky Man: The Rise of a Puppeteer. We then go into a discussion of unknown Archie creators, Walt Simonson’s Ragnarok, Groo Vs. ConanChic Stone, Terry Austin, Marshall Rogers and the amazing unsung hero Marie Severin.



Flat Squirrel Productions.

Death Of Superman.

Scott Snyder’s Batman.

Mark Waid’s Daredevil.

Mark Waid’s The Flash.

Harry Lucey Inked By Chic Stone.

Jack Kirby Inked By Chic Stone.

More Jack Kirby Inked By Chic Stone.

Nemesis Drawn By Chic Stone.

Witches Tales Cover By Chic Stone.

Archie Laugh By Dick Malmgren.

Li’l Jinx By Joe Edwards.

The Lil’ Jinx Book Went Away, But She Continued On In Archie’s Gag Bag.

Dan DeCarlo Inked By Jim DeCarlo.

Dan DeCarlo Inked By Rudy Lapick.

Josie And The Pussycats By Dan DeCarlo.

Josie Was Based On Dan DeCarlo’s Wife.

Sherry The Showgirl.

Dan DeCarlo’s Work For Humorama.

Dan DeCarlo’s Work For Humorama.

Harry Lucey Pre-Archie Work.

Henry Scarpelli.

Henry Scarpelli.

Sonic The Hedgehog Drawn By Ben Bates And Terry Austin.

Last Of The Dragons By Carl Potts And Terry Austin.

Frank Miller Inked By Terry Austin.

Scorpio Rose By Marshall Rogers And Inked By Tom Palmer.

Shadow Of The Batman.

Detective Comics By Len Wein, Marshall Rogers And Dick Giordano.

Strange: A Portfolio By Marshall Rogers.

Doctor Strange By Roger Stern, Marshall Rogers And Terry Austin.

Captain Quick And The Foozle By Steve Englehart And Marshall Rogers.

Daughters Of The Dragon Were The Female Action Heroes Al Spoke Of.

Daughters Of The Dragon By Chris Claremont, Marshall Rogers And Bob McLeod.

Groo Vs. Conan By Mark Evanier,
Sergio AragonesTom Yeates And Tom Luth.

More Groo Vs. Conan By Mark Evanier,
Sergio AragonesTom Yeates And Tom Luth.

Ragnarok By Walt Simonson.

Carson Of Venus By Michael Kaluta.

Savage Hulk 2 By Alan Davis And Mark Farmer.

X-Men 66.

The Incredible Hulk Drawn By Gil Kane.

World’s Finest: Worlds Apart By Dave Gibbons, Steve Rude And Karl Kesel.

Hulk Vs. Superman By Roger SternSteve Rude And Al Milgrom.

Hulk Annual 1. Steranko Cover With A Face Drawn By Marie Severin.

Kull The Conqueror By Roy Thomas, John And Marie Severin.

Melvin Of The Apes! Drawn By Marie Severin.

Stupor-Man By Marie Severin.

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