100 | NFL SuperPro, Captain Citrus, Kool-Aid Man And Superhero Dream Teams

After a five week wait… the core four has come out of hibernation for an action-packed double-sized episode 100! Join Al, Dallas, Rook and Don as they argue who would make the best Superhero and Supervillain Dream Teams!



NFL SuperPro From Marvel Comics.

Captain Citrus From Marvel Comics.

The Adventures Of Kool-Aid Man, Also From Marvel Comics.

Al’s Superhero Dream Team And Team Of Evil.
Heroes: Brother Power The GeekMatter Eater Lad,
US 1, NFL SuperPro And Captain Marvel.
Villians: Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Magneto,
Titanium Man And The Joker.

And Here Is The Paul McCartney Song Al Talked About.

Rook’s Superhero Dream Team.
Ghost Rider, Batman, Superman, Speedball And Spike Spiegel.

Dallas’ Superhero Dream Team.
Dani Moonstar, Luther Arkwright, Promethea, Apollo And The Midnighter.

Don’s Superhero Dream Team.
Popeye. Usagi Yojimbo. LaurelineFlash Gordon And Space Ghost.

Chris’ Superhero Dream Team.
Hawkeye, Gambit, Hellboy, Reed Richards And Spider-Man.

Don’s Team Of Evil.
Rick Jones, Charles Montgomery Burns,
Dekko, Veronica Lodge And Groo.

Dallas’ Team Of Evil.
Darkseid, The Saint Of KillersThe Corinthian, Dodge And Griffin (Invisible Man).

Rook’s Team Of Evil.
Lex Luthor, Dodge, Scandal Savage, Solomon Grundy And Mister Sinister.

Chris’ Team Of Evil.
The Joker, Deadpool, Deathstroke, Carnage And Harley Quinn.

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